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Welcome to William Jones Plumbing Inspections and Reports

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

William Jones Plumbing officially launched in January 2020 but had slowly been manifesting in the background for a number of years.

After completing a 4 year plumbing apprenticeship I continued to develop my trade skills and knowledge while completing my Cert 4 and Plumbing Licence. I transitioned from a plumber to a Supervisor and eventually an Operations Manager within the commercial and domestic landscape.

“Solving Plumbing Problems.”

Spending 3 years as an Operations Manager I continually found clients coming to me with issues that required in-depth investigation and reporting. This lead me to start a business that specializes in all aspects of plumbing reporting including but not limited to: fault finding, leak detection, CCTV inspections and roof reports. In most cases they require a number of these combined to solve items like water ingress, leaking basements, sinking walls and also house/building damage.

I have worked for the Victorian Department of Education and a number of architects to assist them in assessing entire schools and commercial buildings to recommend plumbing upgrades and prevention's for reoccurring drainage problems. I would usually complete a comprehensive report including CCTV inspecting and mapping the storm water and sewer systems, water leak detection to all hot and cold water pipes, gas leak detection and roof report. This would then be collated and a scope of works or maintenance program would be created for the school or building.

The most common report would usually be for insurance purposes, both for the insurance company and home owners alike. These would be for a variety of plumbing issues usually related to water damage and used in the dispute process.

I also complete building assessments for real estate companies and large business when looking at leasing or purchasing commercial or industrial property. Real estate agents use the reports to make the property more appealing to potential tenants and businesses use the reports for bargaining tools when negotiating leases that involve building maintenance. This process has occasionally uncovered OH&S hazards within buildings relating to gas and fire hazards and have resulted in positive outcomes for all parties health and well being.

We at William Jones Plumbing also do all general plumbing, gas servicing and maintenance. We specialize in hot water service, oven and dishwasher change overs and enjoy working on interesting projects such as architectural and period style houses.

Myself and my new plumbing assistant Humphrey the spoodle are now open for business and we look forward to seeing and speaking with you soon!

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